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Sometimes it is a bit easier to find something that looks great on your body then hit the gym.  Not to advocate skipping the gym, but here is a list of clothing items that will give you a slimmer appearance, no exercise necessary.

For the Hippy Chick

Hips are great! They provide a great silhouette and can turn a dress from a nice look to a HOT one. But not everyone loves their hips and for those who don’t there is one item to help you out.  Purchase a pair of fitted, flared jeans. The flare of the jeans will counter your hips, drawing one’s eyes to your jeans and then hips, making your hips appear slimmer.  While you are at it pick up a pair of vertical pinstripe pants as well because the lines counter the wide hips. Also, shirts that come down a little past the hips also help distract other’s eyes from your hips.

For the Tummy Pouch

Not everyone has rock-solid abs and for those with a bit of belly bulge there is a perfect way to hide it. One great way is to buy tops that droop off your shoulders. This can either be a scoop neck or a shoulder-bearing top. These work great because they are usually loose in the front or naturally crease hiding your stomach.  Bejeweled tops, shirts with lower necklines, and ruffled shirts are also a plus because they draw attention to your neck away from your tummy.

For an Overall Slimmer Look

For just an overall slimmer appearance pick up a v-neck cardigan, a high-waisted skirt, or a pair of straight leg slacks these items will give most a lengthier look, thus a slimmer one. Also, try out v- striped patterns which draw the eyes to center of your body, making you appear thinner.  In terms of color, dark shades of color are good options for a slimmer appearance. Pick blacks, grays, and “cold” colors like purple and blue. Stay away from “hot” colors like fire red and orange if you do not want to draw attention to your problem areas. White also displays are your little problem areas that you might want to hide.

For The Shorties'

To add a couple of inches to your look try a high- waisted skirt or pair of pants, the high waist automatically lengthens your legs; pair them with a pair of pumps and you will add some invisible inches. Straight leg, boyfriend jeans are also a great idea to appear taller because the loose fitting of the pants and the cuff at the bottom allow your legs to look slimmer and longer. Don’t forget vertical lines also lengthen you out as well, but remember vertical stripes aren’t for everyone.

For Those Without the Coke Bottle Waist

This is no secret, but probably the best way to give yourself a waist is with a belt.  The belt can be thick or thin just make sure it cinches around your tummy in a line with your belly button. Pair it with a nice summer dress, a button-down shirt, or a fitted sweater; a belt can work with most options.

For Thinner Looking Arms

Arms are a problem area for many because it is hard to lose fat from them even with a lot of working out so here are some ideas to make your arms appear slimmer.  Pick flowing thinner, lighter fabrics that are less likely to stick to your arms. Stay away from cap sleeves unless you love your arms, because these tops will make your arms look bigger if they are too tight around the top of the arm.  Lastly, purchase tops with 3/4 sleeves because they are usually loose and will lengthen your arms.

For Those with “Junk in the Trunk”

Although these days it is in to be voluptuous, many do not want to show-off their full figure, so here are a couple ideas to keep your behind under wraps. Avoid wearing high-waisted skirts and pants because they only accentuate your butt.  Instead, purchase a-line skirts and flared pants which both hide your hips and butt as noted above.  Also, try to wear dark bottom and light top combinations because this will draw people to your upper half. Choose pants with large back pockets because small pockets only make your butt look bigger.

Although these tips might prove helpful in hiding the areas we all want to cover up, the most important thing is to love what you have and embrace every inch of your being. Clothing can definitely help, but pair it with a gym membership and healthier eating; it may work even better for you.


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