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From AJ Johnson:


Today is Day 1 of the new you! The fact that you are here means you are ready for a change?  You are curious about what has to be done to create your better?  You’ve tried everything you think should work, it hasn’t and before you give up, here you are? Your answer may be  one of these reasons or all of the above. The great news is you are here and we are excited to help you find your better!

Better means different things for different people. In THE AJ ZONE, we believe that the first step to correcting things-righting the wrongs- is to properly identify the issue!  Let’s take today and do some self research. Where are you blocked?  What, who is in the way of your better?  BE HONEST! All we want to do today, day 1, is to simply acknowledge where we are blocked.  Write it down.  I do this daily, as each day presents new obstacles, so I constantly redesign the way to MY better. Is it nutritional?  Spiritual? Mental? Decide what’s blocking your better. We’ll get to work on unblocking tomorrow!


Click here for daily instructions on THE AJ ZONE.

Dozens of celebrities and athletes don’t set foot on a stage or in a sports venue before working with celebrity lifestylist AJ Johnson.

Johnson, known for her roles in several movies, including “Baby Boy,” “House Party” and “The Inkwell,” is also founder of THE AJ ZONE,  an ultimate experience for those truly serious about improving their nutritional, and spiritual lifestyles.

“As a celebrity lifestylist I can tell you this, just when you think you’ve reached your best, we help you reach your better,” Johnson said in a statement announcing “A Day with AJ,” a traveling tour Johnson took to obese cities and colleges across the country, to get the message out about fitness and nutrition.

She has said her goal is to improve the health and wellness – physically and spiritually – of others, one community at a time.

On Aug. 8, Johnson kicks off a “Transform in 21” challenge on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Detailed weekly instructions will be posted on her website.

At age 17, Johnson lost her mother to cancer and her father several years later. She has been a spokeswoman for the American Cancer Society, hosted the VH1 reality fitness competition “From Flab to Fab” and conducts numerous magazine interviews, as well as television and personal appearances, to promote healthy living.

On his death bed, Johnson’s father told her, “You’re not able to save me, but take all of who you are and what you know and go save the world.”

Johnson majored in psychology and chemistry major at Spelman College in Atlanta, Ga. , graduating Magna cum Laude in Psychology, but she chose Hollywood over med school, found a job within two months of her arrival and has been working ever since.

Johnson also hosts seminars and classes for corporations and magazines and even led a group of celebrity clients in sunrise yoga classes during an island retreat. She has taken her talents to a wide range of venues, including Spelman College, the CIAA Conference, the Black Lawyers Association, the Black MBA Association and the Proctor & Gamble My Black Is Beautiful tour.

Her celebrity clients include actress Gabrielle Union, NBA star Dwayne Wade, entertainers Chaka Khan, Beyonce, India Arie, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams.

Testimonials on Johnson’s website, range from people who lost weight because they wanted to look better to a woman who, with her doctor’s supervision, is on track to get off blood pressure medication by following the plan.

“I’ve just been helping people get healthy, stay healthy. So THE AJ ZONE is where you go to get your better,” Johnson told Hello Beautiful in an interview.

“I think too many people try to diet. That’s not what THE AJ ZONE is about. It’s about living a healthy lifestyle. So when you choose better you are better.”

Click here for answers to your fitness questions from AJ Johnson.

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