Dear Tom,

My husband Michael is a wonderful father, husband, and role model for our children. We got married five years ago and we now have a total of 6 children.

Michael was a single father for 12 years before we got married. He raised a son and daughter almost on his own. When i met him he did everything from cooking, grocery shopping, attending parent conferences, and styling his little girl’s hair , all while working a 12 hr. rotating shift job at a recycling plant.

I was also raising my daughter and my niece, as well as caring for my elderly father.

Two months after we were married, I was pregnant with a set of twins. I was placed on bed rest during my pregnancy and could not work.  Michael stepped in cooking, cleaning, taking care of me, the kids, and my father without complaint.

in order to provide a better life for our family, Michael enrolled in college. Going back to school after 17 years has not been easy.  But as a criminal justice major, he’s maintained a 3.2 gpa and refuses to quit.

He’ll be graduating soon and i would love to surprise him with a new big screen tv.  

Our TV died a few months ago, and we have not had the money to replace it. Mike took on a part time project to save up money for the TV, but his car broke down a few weeks ago so he used the money as a down payment on another car.


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