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The Jackson family is going through a whole lot of stuff right now. And the veil is coming down.

Marlon Jackson broke down in tears during an interview with “The Insider” while discussing his mother.

He explained that Katherine Jackson is completely out of communication with the family.

“We’ve been told that our mother is safe. She’s doing well. But we have not spoken to her. We have not talked to her and I don’t know where my mother is.”

He then became emotional saying, “All I know is she is in Arizona, and whatever doctor is saying I can’t talk to my mother you call ME!” Marlon then stormed off.

(Watch it  happen below)

According to Randy Jackson, Katherine Jackson is just fine and is relaxing on a getaway in Arizona.

In the meantime, word is that Tito Jackson is pulling out of the plot to help convince the matriarch of the family to turn against Michael Jackson’s estate.

He told TMZ that he doesn’t want to deal with it anymore.

“I completely retract my signature from the July 17th letter sent to the Executors of my brother Michael’s estate and repudiate all the claims made against them.”