Less then a week after the Aurora Movie Theater shootings, a survivor of the "massacre" has filed the first lawsuit from the event.

Torrence Brown Jr. of Colorado, filed a lawsuit yesterday claiming extreme trauma after being in the theater while James Holmes, 24, killed twelve and seriously injured dozens more last Friday during the 12 p.m. showing of "Dark Knight Rises."

Fortunately, Brown left the scene physically unharmed, however, his bestfriend A.J. Boik, sadly was shot in the chest and later died from the wound.

Brown will be represented by popular Beverly Hills lawyer, Donald Karpel. In the suit, Brown is filing claims against the theater in which the shooting took place, saying the emergency door should have been alarmed or guarded.

Second, he is citing Holmes' doctors saying that he was highly drugged and the doctors did not monitor him properly which lead to the shooting.

Third, Brown is suing Warner Bros. filming company because "Dark Knight Rise" was very violent and he claims Holmes re-enacted a scene from the film which confused movie goers who thought Holmes was simply doing a replication of the movie.

Brown's lawyer said in an interview that "Somebody has to be responsible for the rampant violence that is shown today."

Representatives for neither the theater, Holmes' doctors, or Warner Bros. have released a statement on the suit.

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3 thoughts on “First Lawsuit Filed From Colorado Massacre

  1. Working Person Of Color on said:

    He’s not the first, there will be a whole lot of scum looking for a free hand out. Torrence Brown get a life, and a job.

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