Hello Mr. Tom, Mr. J. and Ms. Sybil:

My sisters and I are writing you to grant our mother, Jenia Riley a Christmas wish. Our mother is the strongest woman in the world, because she has been through so much. In April of 2009, she lost her mother and then that October, her father died.  it was around that time she also lost her job. She has tried to bounce back by working two jobs— driving a school bus and substitute teaching at our schools.  During the summer when school is out, she works another full-time job.


Our mom never complains when things turn bad. She just hums in the kitchen and cooks. But then eight months ago, her stove went out and she can no longer bake the pies and cakes that would bring me and my siblings so much joy.  She has been just using the microwave or a hot plate to heat our meals, but it’s not the same.  A few months after the stove stopped working— the refrigerator broke too.  We now chill our milk and food in a cooler with ice.  She has not been able to fix or replace her appliances, because in December she was in a car accident and one of my sisters got hurt and needed two surgeries.  Mom had to take off from work again.  Although it has been very hard on her, she still just smiles and tells us that god has a miracle in store for us.



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