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Given that you can renew your wedding vows at this year’s TJMS Family Reunion taking place at Orlando’s Gaylord Resort August 30-September 3, Tisha Campbell-Martin might be able to help you out. She’s auctioning off her wedding dress from her wedding 16 years ago to husband Duane Martin. The custom-designed, princess style Renee Strauss dress is being auctioned off for a good cause – 100% if the proceeds will benefit the New Village Leadership Academy.

Pop culture observers will remember that as the school that Martin buddies Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith have a stake in. The Calabasas, CA based private school (an L.A. suburb that is home to many celebrities including Brandy and the Kardashians) is a unique institution that offers iPod and iPad learning, individualized learning programs and a low-sugar policy for kids from Pre-K to 6th grade. The dress, a size 6-8, is being auctioned on Ebay and includes an autographed photo of Campbell-Martin wearing the dress. The auction ends August 1. Click here to bid on the dress. Campbell and her husband will be at the Family Reunion meeting and greeting their fans this year so if you haven’t already joined the 10th annual celebration, you can do so here:

Check out Campbell-Martin’s wedding preparation video below with bridesmaids Tasha Smith, Tichina Arnold and Jada Pinkett:

Since she and hubby Duane have been happily married for 16 years, they’ve learned something about how to make a relationship work. Campbell-Martin says they don’t claim to be experts but here’s just some of the relationship advice posted on her site:

•    We live by these rules as a family: After GOD, is ME (the individual), then WE (the couple), then US (which includes the kids). I didn’t understand. 'Me before you guys? Put the kids last?!' He said “Absolutely! If your well is dry, how do you expect to give to us? You HAVE to love and take care of YOU first! Then we have to remember to invest in US as a couple 'cuz when they're eighteen, who you gonna be stuck with? Then, TOGETHER we will raise the kids.' GOD, ME, WE, US!" It is the most important rule we live by.”

•    "I believe you have to have the viewpoint of love just as if it is a trinity… Both people must be fulfilled mentally, spiritually and physically. Therefore, if one aspect of the trinity is off or missing completely in the relationship, your happiness will falter."

•    "If there is a secret, then there is also guilt which turns into an argument… Crimes, no matter how big or small, whether it's cheating on a spouse or spending money that's not agreed upon in the budget; it will always disrupt the marriage."

•    "Tired LADIES? Don't feel like having sex? I understand, but one word of advice… WAKE YO ASS UP!!! When we women are fulfilled spiritually and emotionally, it's easy for some of us to forget that men are physical beings…"

•    "FELLAS… Sometimes we don't want you to fix it… Sometimes we just want you to tell us EVERYTHING is going to be okay!"

•    “LADIES:  Laugh!!! "Don't forget to laugh at his jokes… They're probably still funny."