TJMS talks with Corey Holcomb about his upcoming projects and his show this weekend at the Addison Improv.  Check out his top ten list of "Things NOT to Do When Dating."

Here’s Corey’s list of the Top 10 Things NOT to Do When Dating:

10. Don't sleep with your mouth open on pillows you share with the person you’re dating.  (Yuck.)

9. Don't give the person you are dating a key to your place unless they pay the rent!

8. Don't tell the person you’re dating you’ve been to prison unless they live near Martin Luther King Blvd. In any city. If they do, they’ll understand.

7. Don't take your date’s kids to a Penn State Football Camp!

6. Don't tell the person you’re dating that you are heavily into Scientology unless you want some space.

5. Don't expect much if the person you are dating comes from a single parent upbringing. I’m just sayin.’ Not all the folks raised that way have issues, but a WHOLE LOT do.

4. Always lie about the number of previous sexual partners you have been with. Always. Don’t even be tempted to tell the truth or anything near the truth. Unless you’re a virgin, but that’s a whole ‘nother set of problems.

3. Don't let the person you are dating see your other phone, or even think that you might have one. If discovered, say the other phone is paid for by your job and is for work purposes only.

2. Don't get friendly with your date’s kids if you don't plan to be around long.

1. Don't give hope to people you can do better than! They just become stalkers.


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