Dear Tom,

My mom was only 19 when she had me and she raised me all by herself. She has always told me stories about how she struggled in school and in college but she never gave up.  It took her a lot longer to finish but she graduated college with a degree in education.

she works as a school teacher But she didn’t stop there…she continued on to get her Master's and is currently working on her Ph.D.

My mom has always given me guidance and inspiration. She told me that knowledge is power and thanks to her, I graduated with a 3.75 GPA and am about to go to college this fall on an academic scholarship.

You know, I play the tuba and she hung in there with me through lessons and went to all my concert performances, cheered me on at half-time shows and marching band competitions. I have a few auditions coming up, so maybe the tuba can help me out with a music scholarship too.

my mom she met a cool a few years ago and they are now engaged.  she has summers off and, for years, I’ve heard her talk about going to Las Vegas.  I would pay for it, but I’m just a tuba playing teenager.



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