We're lost. Amongst all the nasty politics and attempts to tell the truth about Obama's health care plan, we've lost sight of what real health care is. Having adequate health coverage for all is essential is ensuring the health of all U.S. citizen. But even before the political back and forth, real health care starts at home. It starts every morning and every evening at our breakfast and dinner tables. It starts with all of us making healthy food choices and teaching our children to do the same. It starts with choosing to recycle, choosing to walk or take the train when possible, choosing to compost, choosing to unplug unused electronics and appliances when not being used, choosing to bottle your own water, choosing to start a garden, because all of these things make the environment and, in turn, our health better. Yes, we do need health insurance to cover emergencies and unexpected illnesses. But we must not allow the local burger restaurant to feed and de-nurture us and our children, contributing to childhood obesity, high cholesterol and other preventable diseases.

We must not allow televisions, computers and video games to hold us hostage in our homes and keep us from enjoying a day of activity at the local park. Most importantly, we must love ourselves enough to "care" about our "health". Love yourself enough to put only the best food possible in your mouth. Love yourself enough to get up off the couch, move and make yourself healthier. Love our earth enough to keep those plastic bottles out of the landfills and oceans and recycle. Care about yourself and the earth. Our health depends on it.


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