The black sequined jacket worn by Michael Jackson during his historic performance in the 1983 TV special “Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever” belonged to his mother Katherine and was pulled from her closet at the last minute, according to his brother Jermaine.

“He didn’t know what he was gonna wear so he went to my mother’s closet,” Jermaine told talk show host Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday. “And she had this shiny thing that she wore, this black sequin thing and he said, ‘I like that. Can I wear it on the show?’

“That’s what he did the moonwalk in… That was my mother’s throw.”

Watch video of the historic performance below.

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2 thoughts on “Jackson’s ‘Motown 25’ Jacket Came from Mom’s Closet

  1. csmoove60 on said:

    I had those moves down back and the day and could blow just like him……I keep his memories alive when i do live shows with the R/B group Nasty Boyz’ or when i do my solo thing……There will never be another MJ the greatest entertainer……

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