Click here to hear the TJMS on the James Fortune case.

According to the "Houston Chronicle," gospel singer James Fortune is being sued for physical child abuse of his then 4-year-old stepson.

According to a civil lawsuit, Fortune is being sued for $5 million after burning 50% of his stepson's body and leaving him disfigured. Both Fortune and his wife Cheryl, the mother of accuser, are named in the suit.

In the suit, physical abuse occurred after he colored on a table in school. It's claimed that after trying to verbally punish the child and putting him in time out, Fortune began "preparing a scalding bath" to punish his stepson.

Further in the suit, it claims Fortune "instructed (the child) to remove his clothes and began to whip the naked toddler with a switch." He is then accused of putting the child in the scalding water, which left his body extremely burned.

The child was then treated at the Shriners Burn Hospital in Galveston for over two months.

Fortune's stepson has since undergone many operations to repair the skin on his hands, buttocks, legs, and genitals.

The incident occurred  over 11 years ago in 2001. In 2003, James Fortune plead guilty to felony injury to a child, receiving six years deferred adjudication. The child in the claim is now 15 years old. The suit is being filed by his biological father who says the money will be used for plastic surgery to repair his disfigurement.

This morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, Fortune released an unofficial statement saying, "Trust me when I say that's not all of what happened. the truth will come out eventually."

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15 thoughts on “VIDEO: Gospel Singer James Fortune Being Sued for Past Abuse

  1. CYNE on said:

    Regardless of when it happened, a grievous act was committed against a defenseless child who has been scarred physically and emotionally for life. Most children are quick to forgive. Because of Christ, God is quick to forgive all who repent. This is called β€œGrace”. But never forget there are consequences – we do reap what we sow, forgiveness notwithstanding. If there is anything we have been duped into believing in our era of erroneous teachings on grace, it is the thinking that if we will simply confess our sins and claim God’s forgiveness, then all the consequences of what we have done will be quickly whisked away. Grace frees us so that we can obey our Lord. It does not mean sin’s consequences are automatically removed. If I sin and in the process of sinning break my arm, when I find forgiveness from sin, I still have to deal with a broken bone.

  2. Datruth2012 on said:

    Make who prove what??? Read the facts. He pled guilty to the charges already. What is there to prove? This is not about guilt or innocence. This is about getting justice and financial support to help the child with his scars.

  3. oneLOVE13 on said:

    another so called christian, i’m not judging him, but the story speaks for itself, you have more preacher/christians in the news about breaking the law, may god bless this kid and yes, he should be sued for EVEY dime he has because no money can put a price tag on what this kid will go through the rest of his life.

  4. celynn on said:

    This is a SHAMELESS act of child abuse. As a nurse who have provided long term care reports on burn victims, particularly, children, this child will most likely need many surgeries to repair scarring and hardening of the skin. As he grows older, he may face psychological issues if not already. There are so many facets that burn victims go through. Jame Fortune may not have had the money to take responsibility then, but if he does now, PAY UP. If he is smart, he will settle out of court and not cause reputational harm to his career. God forgives but accept the consequences of your action! And where was the mother while this was going on??

  5. Tameishiap on said:

    What James did to the boy is extensive! All for coloring on a table at school? I’m sure the teacher feels guilty. Anywho, the boy has scars for life and is left to explain why he has scars that he was not born with. The scars are never going away and because of the hurt Mr. Fortune caused, he must continue taking responsibility for what he did, even if he was forgiven. The little boy probably forgave Mr. Fortune but unfortunately the scars will not allow him to forget what James did to him. Therefore the biological father has every right to sue civil-ly. Just because this incident took place in 2001 when Mr. Fortune was less famous does not mean the biological father should have to take additional steps to keep the new lawsuit private. Mr Fortune should have reconsidered the pain he was inflicting upon his stepson.

  6. shamjones on said:

    The first thing I have to say is..Onesiphoros you are a complete idiot. It seems like everyone is forgetting that the childs mother allowed all of this to happen. After that he did to her child, she is still with him. I hope this kid gets all $5millian He definitely deserves it….

  7. YadaYada on said:

    There is no excuse for this, this young man is scared for life, and your right it dose tell a lot about Fortunes character, that comment from Datruth2012, tells a lot about his.

  8. debbie1212 on said:

    Wow, a young man is burned on almost 50% of his body and u say something like this. If Fortune has money now, he needs to pay for this young man’s constant medical care.

    I can’t believe Fortune would have even done this. We are talking about an adult burning a child. This tells me a lot about Fortune’s character.

  9. Datruth2012 on said:

    First of all you don’t know what you are talking about at all. The biological father has never been a dead beat dad. In fact, it was him who took legal custody of his son after Mr. Fortune burned him. He has been raising his son for the past 11 years and cares very much about the physical and psychological effects that this has had on him and the entire family. Know what you are talking about before posting ridiculous opinions online. Your comment about cocoa butter just shows how truly ignorant you are!!!

  10. Cutiepie on said:

    Deadbeat dad or not, this man abused this child and he needs to be 100% responsible for his medical needs as well as his personal needs for the duration of his life. I did’nt see where you said the mother was a dead beat mom for allowing this to take place. I wish a MF would think about doing this to my kid, rich or poor we will make the news headlines that day & his family would be wearing black real soon & having a lovely repast dinner. In that order!!!!

  11. Onesiphoros on said:

    This is nothing but a pile of dung!! It’s all about money! 11 years later, please, if the biological father wasn’t a dead beat dad in the beginning this would not have ever happened. Now James got a lil money and he wants a piece of the pie, that biological sperm donor can careless about this child scars. Get you some coco butter and go sit down some where!! If James didn’t have a penny to his name, this story wouldn’t make it pass the dining room table.

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