Jada Pinkett-Smith has revealed that it was her daughter Willow who encouraged her to start working to raise awareness about human trafficking and sex slavery.

According to USA Today, Willow was so moved by watching the Kony 2012 video, that she began to research  child trafficking within the United States. Willow said to her mother, “Mommy, you don’t know what’s happening!’” Jada told the newspaper, adding her reaction was to say, “Hold up, pause right there! And, [Willow] was like, ‘I’ve got to give my voice to this. These young girls out there need me.’”

Along with her husband, Will Smith, Jada visited the State Department yesterday (June 19, 2012) for Hillary Clinton’s release of the 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report. Pinkett-Smith has declared that she intends to continue campaigning to raise awareness of the issue, now that she knows how much of a problem it is.

“I was actually really quite ashamed that I didn’t know about this particular situation in our country, because when you think about human trafficking, you think about it ‘over there.’ Wherever ‘there’ is,” she said.

Jada has already recorded a song, “Nada Se Compara” for the Dontsellbodies.org website, with her band Wicked Evolution. Salma Hayek stars in the video for the song.

“When you talk about modern-day slavery, you don’t see chains,” said Jada. “It’s all about the mind. So, it’s a very layered, complex issue that’s going to take some time for us to figure out how to pull apart. . Right now, we just have to get aware.”

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One thought on “VIDEO: Jada Pinkett-Smith Joins Human Trafficking Campaign

  1. a121572 on said:

    I am liking this musical side of Jada, just don’t know why everyone needs to be naked these days. I do like both videos though!

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