I would like to tell you about the best mother-in-law a women can have—my husband’s mother, Pamela Washington. Two years ago, my husband had a stroke at thirty-eight years- old.   I was pregnant with our third child and it was an extremely stressful time for us.   Patricia was a blessing and stepped in to care for her son during his recovery and to babysit for her newborn grandson and his two brothers.  Her help gave me the peace of mind i needed to return to work to support our family.   


Patricia is fifty-nine years- old and has been doing hair for over 30 years. The hair salon was started by her mother and after her death many years ago, continued by Patricia. Recently, Patricia’s beauty salon was broken into twice in one week. The first time the thieves stole her beauty supplies down to the last perm rod, blow dryer, straightening iron and hair color tube. When they returned the second time, they cleaned her out by ripping the mirrors off of the walls, which also had priceless photos from all her clients over the years and taking her tv set and microwave. She was devastated.


Tom, it breaks my heart to see Patricia struggle to keep the clients she has by piecing together beauty supplies to continue to earn a living.  it is my Christmas wish to ask for your help to replace her stolen beauty supplies and restore her salon with new mirrors.  I know she and i will be forever grateful.


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