Chris Brown has reportedly been left with a serious gash after an alleged fight with rapper Drake and his entourage over Rihanna.

British newspaper The Sun reports that the incident took place in a New York nightclub. Chris posted the above photo of his injury on Twitter, but he later deleted it, along with several comments about Drake and his friends.

The incident apparently started when Brown sent a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table. Drake then allegedly returned the bottle with a note saying “I’m f****** the love of your life, deal with it.” This sent Brown into a rage and he confronted Drake. The ensuing fist-a-cuffs had to be broken up by the club’s security and unconfirmed reports suggest that Chris Brown was hit in the face with a bottle during the melee.

Brown later tweeted a message saying “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol… Throwing bottles like girls? shameonya!” He later deleted that post, as well as one that apparently read “N****s in the bathroom b**ch a** n****s.”


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4 thoughts on “Chris Brown Bloodied in Fight with Drake’s Entourage?

  1. Thomkat on said:

    CB come on now…really? You just “came back”. Was it really necessary to confront Drake because he turned your drink offer away with a note about Rhianna? You need to let her go…why keep holding on? You have been reportedly into two altercations because of her…is she really worth it? Leave her alone already. So Petty…God is calling people home one right after another and ya’ll beefing over Rhianna? STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. vmathis12 on said:

    Life is too short….There are more serious things going on in the World today. Use that negative energy to do something more positive. Both camps are going to lose fans quick if this nonsense keeps up.

  3. A.W. on said:

    C.B. ,yo, them Canada niggs are hip to U.S. men’s persona. Haven’t you all been paying attention to the past 10-12 years? You’ll f around and get yourself a boxing club, some Vodoo, or a biker gang! I like both camps but tke it from me you do not want to become the next R&B’s version of Ja Rule. Think.

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