Chad Holley, 18, who at 15-years-old was suspected of burglary and beaten on video by Houston Police officers, was arrested again today on a new burglary charge, reports

As previously reported by NewsOne, in a horrific video, police can be seen kicking and punching Holley, who does not fight back, multiple times. Holley laid motionless on the ground while a group of cops descended upon him. He subsequently filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging HPD officers during his March 23 arrest.

Holley was convicted of the robbery in 2010 and just recently completed his probation.

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3 thoughts on “Chad Holley: Teen Beaten on Video by Houston PD Arrested

  1. 1sobermind on said:

    Id personally like to thank Chad……for virtually spitting in the face of those that supported him. People that took time away from work, time away from their families to go to court daily and monitor the trial of 1 of the fired officers. A conviction was not achieved and your actions subsequently give the bigoted, hateful morons the self approved authority to say “I told you so!!”

  2. A.W. on said:

    Thats because we live in a hypocracy. Be GOOD so that when you least expect it…historical racism. The end justifies the means now run and tell dat!

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