A small hitch has arisen in the Jackson clan's nationwide tour. The legendary brothers were set to take off on the tour in two weeks, with the first two stops in Louisville, Kentucky and Cincinatti, Ohio. However, these two shows have been cancelled.

A lot of speculation has developed about why the two concerts were cancelled. Many have said it is due to poor ticket sales.

However, a representative for  the group says that "scheduling conflicts" are to blame.

A another source reports it is because the Jacksons want to finish their album before they embark on the tour, allowing them to showcase the entire album and perform their new songs.

The tour is planned to begin now in Canada on June 20th.

There are no current plans to make up the two cancelled performances.

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4 thoughts on “Jacksons: Unity Tour Dates Cancelled to Work on Album

  1. jd7779311 on said:

    I would love to see the Jacksons perform their hits from back in the day to some new music. I enjoyed their reality show and found it interesting. I love Jermaine’s voice and if by chance Janet joined them on their tour in place of Michael, I think that would set the WORLD on fire even IF she’s not that good of a singer.

  2. navi12 on said:

    Fickle, some audiences get just like that. Who’s to say that the Jacksons are over the hill? They have all the aspects of showmanship. It’s not always about the hit record It’s about entertainment, putting on a good show. At least the Jacksons will do “grown-folk” music. redbone1954 spoke for himself. He didn’t mention if he took a poll and got the opinions of NOBODY.

  3. redbone1954 on said:

    Sorry jackson NOBODY want to see you guys Listen you had you fame 40 years ago and you had a great ride I loved you guys. But you now have nothing to offer in the way of music Micheal has passed on and he was the draw you guys know that. So weather you release an album try to go on tour etc I am not sure people just want to see 60 year old groups trying to re create magic OK and you know the reason the dates were cancelled because of poor ticket sales. STOP PLAYING this ship has sailed

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