High school senior, Eric Arty won $400 when he was the first of his friends to win the affections of their social studies teacher Julie Warning.

The 18 year-old student and his friends each wagered $100 three months into the school year at Manhattan Theatre Lab High School.  

Arty’s rendezvous with his 28-year old teacher was caught on camera by another student.

Since the incident, Warning has been reassigned from the classroom to administrative duties.

Many of the students were aware of the initial bet. They believe that Warning was not aware of the wager.  

“He [Arty] would flirt with her,” said one junior whose name cannot be revealed due to the on-going investigation. “She would try to avoid it because she was his teacher. She was a nice teacher and didn’t want to report him, and she would throw him and his friends out of class for trying to flirt with her,” the student said.

A sophomore said Warning’s responses grew more flirtatious as time went on.

“The way they act together…When he walks into the room, her face lights up,” said Maia Torruella, 16. “And when he’s gone, she’s boring. You can tell he’s still on her mind.”

Warning did not report to her new administrative job and could not be reached for comment.

She will not face any criminal charges since Arty is over the age of consent. Arty will also not face any disciplinary action.

The case has been turned over to the Department of Education Special Commissioner of Investigations.


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