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The days of ordinary shampoos, haircuts, and neutering are long gone. Now man’s best friend and other household pets can experience spas and plastic surgery.

Manhattan’s Downtown Doghouse Spa offers dogs fruit-scented facials, blow-dries, and tooth brushing with chicken-flavored paste.

Groomer Ani Corless described these type of services as the new norm for lapdogs.

“These are man-made breeds and they require maintenance,” she said.

Grooming is not the only service that has reached new levels.

Plastic surgery on dogs is also gaining momentum and New York lawmaker, Nicole Malliotakis is calling it animal cruelty.

The Republican lawmaker says that pets are now subject to tattoos, piercings, tummy tucks, and face lifts. As the owner of two Chihuahuas, Malliotakis has proposed a new law to ban cosmetic alterations to pets in New York.

“I would never think of putting my dog through any of these procedures,” said Milliotakis.

However, Greg Miller, founder of Neuticals, says the Malliotakis is over exaggerating the problem. His company is the leading world manufacturer of fake animal testicles created from same silicon used for women’s breast implants.

Each implant fills the space when a pet is neutered with procedures ranging between $119 and $599.

“We’ve Neuticled well over 500,000 pets in the United States and all over the world — dogs, cats, horses, bulls, monkeys, rats, water buffalo, “said. Miller.

Miller got the idea back in 1993 when his own Bloodhound was neutered.

Even though, Malliotakis stands her ground on animal alterations, she and other vets believe fake testicles are an exception.

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