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A 23-year-old aspiring actress shelled out her last $1,500 to plaster her headshot on a billboard that asks Tyler Perry for an acting job.

Racquel Bailey of New Jersey bought ad space on a huge billboard next to Perry’s film studio in Atlanta. “Attention top filmmaker in ATL. Let me be your next leading lady,” reads the message next to her face. Her website is listed at the bottom.

“I hoped he would see it while he was driving to work, or on his way home from work, or that someone would see it,” Bailey told Atlanta’s NBC affiliate, adding, “It’s my last money for the year.”

Coverage of her billboard “is generating more visibility for the actress than appearances in dozens of off-Broadway plays and no-budget indie films ever could,” notes Adweek.

Online reaction to her chutzpah has been mostly positive, while reaction to her actual acting skills has been less effusive. Watch video below.