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Black Bachelors We’d Like to See


The ABC reality show “The Bachelor” has been on TV for ten years and 16 seasons and in all that time, there has never been a black bachelor star of the show. Well, 28-year-old basketball coach and TV sports personality Lamar Hurd wants to change all that. The Houston, Texas native was encouraged by his assistant to campaign for Season 17 of the popular reality show. Now living in Oregon, Hurd fits the bill as he’s clean-cut, tall, handsome and fit and says he wouldn’t mind becoming America’s next top bachelor. Check out his video and if you agree, head over to ABC and vote for him to be casted.

Now this got us to thinking who else might make a great candidate for the first Black bachelor. We’ve compiled a list below. Let’s see if you agree with our choices.


The sexy 25-year-old wide receiver just won a Super Bowl ring with the New York Giants, but will be suiting up for the Chicago Bears this year. The tatted up Michigan native is 6’2 and is well known for his swexy, given the several photo shoots he’ s done in various stages of undress. With a body like his, clothing should be optional. Thomas might be a little rough-edged for the super clean-cut “Bachelor” image but after 16 seasons, isn’t it time to shake things up. We can just imagine the lengths that women of all races would go to for some alone time with this hunk. And it might not be pretty, but it will make great TV.


We know this busy actor probably has no time to be a “Bachelor,” but you never know. Already in contention to be the first black James Bond (if that ever happens) Idris could show his versatility by giving “The Bachelor” a more international flavor. The show has been filmed in Paris and in Rome, but never in London where Idris, of African ancestry, was born and raised. The 6’1 39-year-old is already well known to black audiences so here’s a chance to get him more exposure in the mainstream while giving the world a look at a sophisticated global Black man with an English accent. (Yes, his normal accent is a British one.) The array of international beauties that can compete for his attentions would be fascinating to watch. There’s virtually no chance that Elba would do it, but its fun to think about.


The “Jumping The Broom” star has already been a groom in a movie, so why not on TV? Alonso, 39, an Afro-Cuban by way of New York City, has been hustling in the business for a decade, going from a BET talk show host to starring in “Avatar,” one of Hollywood’s top grossing movies, to a network show. Recently killed off on A&E’s “Breakout Kings” he’ll be back for the NBC show “Notorious” with Meagan Good this fall. But hey, if that doesn’t work out, maybe ABC execs should give him a call.


OK, we know what you’re thinking. A guy whose repertoire is mostly about sex won’t make it to “The Bachelor.” But this might be a great chance to pull in a younger, hipper audience for the show. The 27-year-old Virginia native known for his lovemaking music could make “The Bachelor” appealing to a new generation and give Songz more mainstream momentum. And having a guy in-house who can really sing for his potential bachelorettes would be amazing. But…we know this one is just too far-fetched, unless BET or MTV does their own version of the show.


Baseball stars are rarely recognizable off the field which makes Rihanna’s ex, Matt Kemp, a great candidate to be the first black Bachelor. The 27-year-old baller is great-looking, tall, in fantastic shape and he’s rich, having just scored the richest contracts in L. A. Dodger history. This would be a great vehicle for him to achieve a mainstream profile, while he selects from group of motivated women vying for his ring (and $160 million contract.) The thing is, in 16 seasons, not one of the bachelors has ever gotten married to his choice, so it’s not like the show would take him permanently off the market anyway. We want Matt – and so will every woman in America if he becomes the first Black bachelor.