Would You?

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I found this on one of the many Web sites I haunt:

The average woman would give up relations for 15 months for a closet full of brand new clothes.

(Blink, then read it again. I’ll bold it to make it a little bit easier.)


Now, this is a BIG reality check for all you guys out there who just know you’re sexual gods and just know that any woman who’s had the privilege of experiencing your coital gifts would trade her first-born child for one more throwdown with you.

According to this study, the truth of the matter is that women would sell you down the river for a closet full of new Prada dresses and a few pairs of Manolo Blahniks.

The new poll conducted by Unilever (they own Ben and Jerry’s, Lever 2000, Slim-Fast and like 40 other brands) of about 1,000 women in 10 American cities, on average, women say they’d go ABSTINENT for 15 months in exchange for a closet full of new clothes.

Fifteen months? Now, that is a LONG time to abstain by choice!

It gets even better. Two percent of women would abstain for THREE YEARS if it meant that new closet of clothes.

Sixty-one percent say it’d be worse to lose their favorite piece of clothing than give up sex for a month.

And this could be a reason why: Half of the women say that their favorite clothes are more reliable than men in giving them confidence and making them feel sexy.

OH MY! Makes me wonder where they found the women that were surveyed and better yet, where those women found the men that they are dating and having relations with.

Now, I’m not saying that being abstinent for 15 months is a bad thing. I’ve done it, and it can be a very focusing experience. But to make that choice just to get a new pair of shoes? I think not.

I’m not going to touch the part about women making that choice because men are unreliable and less than supportive. Once again, that goes back to the type of man that you’re picking.

While we’re talking about this, a completely different survey, by Travelodge, backed it up, finding that most women say, at bedtime, they’d rather read, watch TV or just quickly fall asleep than be intimate with their man.

But if women are willing to give up sex that easily, check out this even more bizarre fact: A study last year showed that a large number of women would give up their health in the future to be thin today. Some women actually said they would trade having cancer in the future if it meant they could be their ideal weight now.

As sad as that fact is, it does bring up a point that goes along with the story about women who willing to give up sex for new clothes.

Women seem to have an obsession, or even a pathological need, to look good. Our attitude, our personality, our ability to love is sometimes overly connected to our appearance.

If this is true, imagine how homeless women, women who are morbidly obese and women who, because of something that happened in their past, aren’t able to believe they’re beautiful no matter what?

If you have little girls or little boys, this is the time to let them know they are loved unconditionally and that that love isn’t tied to their weight, their hair, the clothes hanging in their closet, the number of points their score on the field or the court or their grades. Let them know you’re in their corner and that God is on their side.

And if you’re hanging your head low because your sex life and your weight aren’t on point, think about the message you’re sending them. Throw your shoulders back, and stand tall.