As President Barack Obama gets closer to his first 100 days in office, most of us still are watching his every move with interest and pride. We know he’s a had a few bumps in the road, but his approval rate is high – and I get the feeling that even if he accomplishes a fraction of what he promised, he will have done better than the previous administration. President Obama wants to see change, and he’s not afraid to take some bold steps to make those changes happen. And as messy as everything is – the economy, the war, the public schools and the health care system – I believe President Obama will make a dent in most of, if not all those issues.

As he comes against all the things the Republicans are throwing at him, and his hair turns gray, it reminds us that even though President Obama is a super smart, super cool man, he isn’t a super hero, even though so many of us expect him to behave like one. We have placed him up so high as a president, husband, father and man that most of us would be shocked to hear about any physical, mental, spiritual and especially moral mistake he would make. It isn’t fair, and it gives him way more than any man should have to live up to, but then he again, he did choose to run a race to become the most powerful man in the free world. This morning, producer Deya Smith wants us to think about what it would be like to become super heroes with super powers.

I know some of you just wish you had the power to make your money stretch far enough to catch up with bills that are late and cover the ones that are current. But we want you to escape from that for a few hours and have some fun with us.

I am blessed enough to be able to do most of things that I want to do, so I think freedom is a power that I enjoy more than almost anything. If I could have a special power, it would be to save all the historically black college and universities. If I could have a second power, it would be to take all the calories out of all the fattening foods I love. Look, up in the sky flying over Morehouse College with millions of dollars and eating a delicious pizza with absolutely no calories … That’s right, ya’ll better recognize: It’s HBCU Man!

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