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Sommore & Mark Curry talks about comedy tour


Somewhere at a bank in Florida, there are staffers who have no idea that demure, low-key Lori Rambough, who comes in and handles her business quietly and then goes off into the sunshine, is best known as someone completely and totally different than her banking persona.

Like Clark Kent and Superman, like Beyonce and Sasha Fierce, Rambough has her own alter ego. Her name is Sommore. Rambough is the one who calls to do an interview, and she sounds more like a church lady than the profane, hilarious Sommore, who talks about her penchant for younger lovers, her desire for a huge behind and a whole host of other bawdy topics that will threaten to have you rolling on the floor for real.

This spring, Sommore, D.L. Hughley and Bruce Bruce will headline The Royal Comedy Tour, a multi-city outing that includes The “Tom Joyner Morning Show’s” own J. Anthony Brown, George Wilborn, Aries Spears and more. Kicking off in Nashville tonight, the tour hits Miami during Super Bowl weekend and moves on throughout the country until its end in late March.

We caught up with Rambough from her home in Florida – and she told us all about what it takes to become Sommore.