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Just in time for Halloween! Body Snatchers, the debut novel by Rozé, is a thriller packed with action, suspense and drama.

By day, twin brothers David and Jerry lead normal American lives. They have managed to escape their native land Haiti after robbing and brutally murdering the son of the infamous drug lord, Chico. They leave their family behind to chase the American dream. Major and King are the aliases that David and Jerry assume after forming the Body Snatchers. This group of Haitian men is dedicated to a life of crime and nothing is left off the table as they wreak havoc on the streets of New York. The first kidnapping is merely payback, but after realizing how lucrative this new occupation is, the team begins to formulate plans and set their sights on major targets including the son of the multi-millionaire Governor of New York. Lead FBI agent, Camper decides to test the lengths of which the Body Snatchers will go, but soon learn that this ruthless team has no boundaries. The Body Snatchers’ only allegiance is to each other and as they plot and scheme, build an empire of untouchables. Life is good as they indulge in the lavish life of women, money, sex and drugs. Blinded by their success, they fail to realize that someone from their past is out to get them and will stop at nothing until the Body Snatchers are six feet under.

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