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Allstate® Tom Joyner Family Reunion®

2015 Guest Package Policies

Full payment for a package is due at booking. If payment is to be paid by check, receipt of check must occur within fourteen (14) days; otherwise, the reservation will automatically cancel on the fifteenth (15th) day with a cancelation fee of $250 due. Initial deposits made on June 30, 2015 and after must be by credit card.
Package Prices Single Double Triple Quad
3-Nights/4-Days $1,049 $1,549 $1,949 $2,449
3-Nights/4days w/Park Tickets $1,149 $1,749 $2,249 $2,849
4-Nights/5-days $1,199 $1,699 $2,099 $2,599
4-Nights/5days w/Park Tickets $1,299 $1,899 $2,399 $2,999
Installment Plans
As a courtesy to our guests, TJFR offers an installment plan for reservations. If the Initial Deposit is to be paid by check, receipt of the check must occur within fourteen (14) days; otherwise, the reservation will automatically cancel on the fifteenth (15th) day with a cancelation fee of $250 due. If a scheduled installment payment is not received within seven (7) days of its due date, the booking will be transferred to the Wait List. Once payments are brought current, the booking will be re‑established, provided there is available capacity to accommodate the original booking. Initial deposits made on June 30, 2015 and after must be by credit card. Packages on installment plans may not be downgraded.
Made By
Initial Deposit
(Due at Booking)
Percentage of Balance Due On
Fri Fri Fri Fri Fri Fri
Mar 20th Apr 17th May 15th Jun 10th Jun 30th Jul 17th
Fri, Feb 20th $500 20% 20% 20% 20% Balance
Fri, Mar 20th $500 25% 25% 25% Balance
Fri, Apr 24th $500 35% 35% Balance
Fri, May 22nd $500 35% 35% Balance
Fri, Jun 12th 35% 35% Balance
Tue, Jun 30th 50% Balance
After Tue
Jun 30th
Refunds will be processed within fourteen (14) days of cancelation. The refund amount is the total of payments received less a cancelation fee, as detailed in the table below, applied against the package price. For example, if total payments of $1,500 had been made on a Quad Package priced at $2,999 purchased on February 15, 2015 and canceled on April 14, 2015, the refund would be $450 [$1,500 – ($2,999 * 35%) = $450]. Example 2: if payment was made in full, at time of booking, on a Single Package priced at $1,049 purchased on February 22, 2015 and canceled on March 27, 2015, the refund would be $549 ($1,049- $500 minimum = $549). No refunds are available for packages canceling after June 30, 2015.
Date On or Before
Cancelation Fee
As a % or Pkg
Fri, Mar 13th 30%
Tue, Mar 31st 35%
Wed, Apr 15th 40%
Thu, Apr 30th 50%
Fri, May 15th 60%
Fri, May 29th 70%
Mon, Jun 15th 80%
Tue, Jun 30th 90%
After Tue, Jun 30th 100%
Minimum Cancelation Fee of $500
Travel Insurance
Troubles can occur when you least anticipate them, forcing you to cancel or interrupt your trip, lose your vacation investment, and incur unplanned expenses. We strongly encourage you to consider the purchase of travel insurance to cover unexpected events such as loss of income, medical emergencies for you or someone dear to you before and during the trip, a death in the family, natural disasters, and other unforeseen events. In fairness to our guests that purchase travel insurance, we strictly abide by the Refund Policy regardless of personal circumstances or circumstances beyond your control that prevent or delay your participation. Travel insurance may be purchased from a national insurer such as Travel Guard ( (or type “travel insurance” into a search engine). We earn no fees from travel insurance. Insurers usually require the purchase of coverage to occur near the date of booking. Some airlines offer travel insurance – please be aware that such insurance rarely covers more than just the air fare; you might still lose your investment in the Family Reunion package. Seriously consider purchasing from a travel insurance carrier, which usually covers the entire investment. Every year we have guests that lose their investment, because they “didn’t think it could happen to them.

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