Toya Wright‘s life has been an open book for several years but nothing could have prepared her for the biggest loss of her life.

On July 31, the reality star’s brothers, Ryan “Rudy” Johnson, 24, and Joshua “Fish” Johnson, 31, were discovered shot to death in New Orleans’ seventh ward. Toya, 32, joined the ladies of The Real to discuss how her family is coping with the aftermath of the unexpected tragedy.

The New York Times best-selling author opened up about the moment she discovered her brothers had been killed: “When I went to the hospital after that, you know, my mom identified the bodies. And you know, she said it was my brothers. It’s like I just got numb. I was like, ‘This cannot be real.’ It’s like it’s a pain that I don’t think I ever felt in my life. You know, to lose two siblings at one time over senseless violence.”


As of yet, no one has been charged in this brutal crime.

Toya also spoke on her relationship with her ex-husband, Lil Wayne. Is there any hope for them rekindling that old flame? According to Toya, it may be a possibility in the future but don’t get your hopes up.



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