Spike Lee, Montel Williams and Chuck D were among the celebrities who have come out both for and against the national anthem sit-down protest staged by San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick Friday – a protest he vows to continue throughout the season. For a sampling of responses, see below.

After sitting out the anthem before Friday’s home pre-season game against the Green Bay Packers, the 28-year-old, biracial Kaepernick said in a press conference, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

He said, “If they take football away, my endorsements from me, I know that I stood up for what is right.”

Reaction to Kaepernick’s stand was swift, with celebs voicing either strong support (like Spike Lee and Chuck D), dismissive disapproval of the quarterback (Montel Williams), or indifference (Chad Johnson).

What do you think?

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(Photo Source: NBC News)

23 thoughts on “Spike Lee, Montel Williams & More Weigh In On Colin Kaepernick’s Protest

  1. JHUF- “I love this country it’s been very prosperous to me”

    You aint got shit dude you work or if you do like the other million of folks in this country. Who the hell you trying to fool.. you only fooling yourself. Stop hiding behind all the other 10 alias screen names you comment with.

    • yep I love this Country as opposed toooooo you who are part of the “I aint got shit just tryin to stay alive in the projects hoping I can find me a baby mama get-n a check and got a place I can stay so I don’t have to get a job”

  2. Why is everybody mad at him, he is practicing freedom of speech. It’s not a crime and it’s mostly white people that have a problem with it. I say good for him if that’s how he feels and too bad if don’t like.

    • “Mostly white people” maybe thats the problem,I watch stories on the plight of people of color in other countries and think how glad I am to live here.
      But you are correct in this country he has a right to his beliefs, in parts of the Mid-east right now people are being burned alive for not conforming to what is dictated

  3. jcdj0525 on said:

    To me it took a brave man to stand up for his beliefs and principals with the risk of loosing his endorsements. I did this and lost my job. Have never made the the money I was making back then, but I can look at myself in the mirror, and thank God I stood up for something, and did not lay down for money.

    • Don’t get it twisted. This ain’t no Jim Brown we’re talking about. He knows his career is all but dead in the water. He’s not sacrificing much. If he were, he wouldn’t be doing it. I’ll bet my forty acres and a mule his ass wasn’t touching that bench at the start of his very first game.

  4. It’s easy for some to critize how someone else feels. Whites always get upset when blacks don’t fall in line with their hypocrisy . The songs the constitution were not written to include at the time slaves and blacks or native Americans . Some feel they are still not included. You can’t know how it feels when it doesn’t effect you.

  5. A country that oppresses Blacks and Minority’s? you mean like the way they were praised and complemented at the VMA’s or how this Country has paved the way for you and millions minorities to pursue opportunities and achievements like nowhere else?
    What and empty headed jackass

      • Awh so says the Pissed-off angry black man who has relegated himself to a hopeless life of Government dependence no education no set goals to aim for, just another sad wasted life,
        I love this country it’s been very prosperous to me

    • hmmm says the guy who tries to rewrite history not noting that the same false ideology he spouts has no clue the white majority benefits from the so-called handouts he keeps harping about.

      jhuf your tired replies are weak and ignorant, get a clue my friend and wake the FUCK up!

    • FYI you might want to refrain from calling someone uneducated when you don’t know the difference between “compliment or complement”.

      • It’s only false when proven so not because you say it’s so
        Facts show a disproportionate number 39% blacks compared to we being only 13% of pop FACT
        Maybe you need to get a clue
        And take your own advice or better yet educate yourself on the meaning of (Ignorant)

      • ohhhh you upset jhuf with facts…how dare you? Typical response from inbreds. Can’t communicate intelligently must retort to trying to insult behind a computer screen…BIG MAN that jhuf is….maybe it’s penis envy?? What do you say jhuf?

        Try spell check dude once in awhile.

      • [Will on] penis envy? who is this Anthony Wiener? nope not mad but let me think about it maybe I’ll get mad tomorrow, meantime I’ll just keep letting the facts have their say

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