Citizens Of Ga. Town Demand Rogue Cop Be Booted From Force

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  • Officer Phillip Tobin (pictured) is a marked man since the residents of Thomaston, Ga., rallied together Tuesday night, demanding that he be ousted from the police force for extreme acts of brutality, according to 11Alive News.

    The townspeople reportedly took turns revealing the allegedly horrific stories of bully tactics and physical atrocities that were brought on by Tobin. The residents also called upon the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) and U.S. Attorney’s Office to not only investigate the allegations against the allegedly rogue cop but to take the town’s police department to task for keeping him employed for more than a decade despite the countless complaints brought up against him over the years.

    The meeting was reportedly organized by the Thomaston Improvement Association and was attended by not only the town’s residents but by many prominent Atlanta-based civil rights activists, such as Georgia Sen. Vincent Fort and civil rights attorneys Albert A. Mitchell and Mawuli Mel Davis.

    Residents offered compelling stories that even brought some to tears as they recounted their brushes with Tobin. One woman summoned police to help carry out a restraining order against her husband, but instead, she and her son were reportedly treated as criminals when Tobin arrived at her home. The officer allegedly held a gun to her son’s head with the barrel cocked, threatening to “blow his head off,” and the woman was ordered to be silent by Tobin.  “I was the victim,” the unnamed distraught woman revealed at the meeting, “He pulled a gun… I wasn’t trying to cause no trouble.”

    Another man came forward to discuss how Tobin beat him unmercifully to the point of needing hospitalization — and it was allegedly done without provocation.

    Tobin’s latest alleged incident, though, took place on June 11th and involves a man who was standing in front of a convenience store. Tobin reportedly thought the man was loitering and shot him with a taser. The officer alleges the man aggressively resisted him but a video tells another story of a compliant individual who actually put his hands up in the air.

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