N.C. NAACP, Civil Rights Group Focus on Pre-Clearance for Voting Rights Fight

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Barber addressed this issue during the media call, stating clearly that pre-clearance is necessary particularly in the South, where the history of voting rights stands at its most controversial. He also mentioned that for the past 61 weeks, he and others in the Forward Together Moral Movement have been galvanized in their fight against the voter suppression bill.

NewsOne asked Barber to elaborate on his statement regarding pre-clearance to which he responded:

“This case shows what the southern legislature are willing to do without pre-clearance. When they know that they can pass a law, and it doesn’t have to be pre-cleared, and it puts the burden of litigation on the people, we can see exactly what they can do. This is not Republicanism, we call it ‘extremism.’ Matter of fact, many Republicans have used many of the laws they’re trying to strike down now. Many of us know extremists believe the only way they can win elections is to suppress the right to vote.”

The Forward Together Moral Movement, made up of 200 partner organizations, will join together in a march 5:30 p.m. at Corpening Plaza. Get more information here.


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