Houston Father And Daughter Capture Their Burglar Chase Via Cell Phone

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As far as Alana’s heroics, Smith tells CNN, “I’m proud of my daughter,” Kevin Smith said. “As a Father, you really don’t know how you raised your kid until they get older and you see how they can handle themselves. I don’t want her to be cavalier, but I want her to know I am proud.”

What happened to Kara?

Well, thankfully, Kara was at the gym working out while the robbery at her home was taking place.  When Smith called to check on Kara, she could not get to her phone because she was working out.

Alana, who is law-school bound this fall, told CNN she is grateful her family was unharmed and felt compelled to chase after the crooks because “I needed to do this for my neighborhood and my family,” she admitted.

Meanwhile, Smith sustained no injuries from the collision, and Alana, who was checked for whiplash at a nearby hospital, was later released.  Smith says he was able to retrieve most of his stolen belongings from the robbers, such as laptops, televisions, and a few other pricey objects.

Smiths, go on with your bad selves!

Check out the video!

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