Why Less Is More When It Comes To Natural Hair [ORIGINAL]

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    When I first began my natural hair journey, let’s just say I was doing the most! From blogs to YouTube channels, I was being fed an abundance of natural hair information and I literally tried to consume and try it all. Big mistake! But I didn’t see that until I realized how much less I’m doing now, and how much more effective my regimen works.

    Let’s start off with the product junkies – you know you are out there. I completely get it. You have to try new products to see what works for you. But figure it out and stick with it! Naturals have a tendency to want to try out the next big thing. Just because it’s new, doesn’t mean it’s great for you. Find a few solid products that work well for you. Try new products only when you are finished with the ones that have been working all along. Stick with what you have and  don’t mess up a good thing!

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    We can also get a little carried away with styling, but it doesn’t have to be as elaborate as you think. Pick a few hairstyles that you can manage and call it a day. Naturals stress protective styling because it requires low manipulation. The less you do with your hair, the more it will grow healthy and strong. The idea is to keep your hands out of your hair as much as possible. Trust me, your strands will thank you for it.

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