Fast Food Chains Admit Adding Chemical Found In Sneakers To Our Food

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  • Okay, we know we heard a little something about there being some controversy regarding Subway‘s bread but we didn’t know it ran this deep! According to NBC News there are many fast food chains who are using a chemical in their bakery products that is also used to make sneakers, yoga mats and synthetic leather!

    The chemical is called azodicarbonamide and a petition is circulating the internets to have it removed from our food supply. NBC reports that although the product is approved for use in the U.S. as a dough conditioner and flour bleaching agent up to a certain limit, Europe and Australia have banned it as a food additive. Vani Hari, who drafted the petition and runs the site noted that her site’s traffic has doubled since she began the petition.

    NBC News reports that the chemical can be found in the following foods which list it as an ingredient on their web-sites;

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