10 Not Widely Known Black History Facts

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  • In honor of Black History month “The D.L. Hughley Show” felt it was our duty to drop some knowledge for you guys that you probably didn’t know. So listen to the audio below and learn something from the 10 not widely known black history facts.

    Audio 1.

    Audio 2.

    DL:  All right, Jasmine.  Ten not widely known black history facts are what you got for me, huh?

    10. Alansworth is the first all-black California township founded and financed by African-Americans.

        DL:  Not Compton?

    9. Scientist and mathematician Benjamin Banneker is credited with helping to design the blueprints for Washington, D.C.

       DL:  I knew that.  And Benjamin Banneker was actually, and I don’t want people to get mad, was a school for special disability kids that was next to the school I grew up with.  Benjamin Banneker was that school.  So even though he did a great thing.

    8.Garret Morgan, inventor of the three way traffic signal also became the first African-American to own a car in Cleveland, Ohio.

        SW:  Yeah?

    7.Politician, educator and Brooklyn native, Shirley Chislem, which by the way is a Delta, survived three assassination attempts during her campaign for the 1972 democratic nomination to the U.S. presidency.

       JS:  Yes.  She survived three.

    6. Record sales for musician and singer Nat King Cole contributed so greatly to Capitol Records’ success during the ‘50s that its headquarters became known as the house that Nat built.

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    2 thoughts on “10 Not Widely Known Black History Facts

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