For last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live” comedian Paul Rudd created a spoof of the Black holiday films, “Best Man Holiday,” “Madea Christmas” and “Black Nativity” called–wait for it—”White Christmas.” In the fictional trailer, the film promises to highlight “women snapping peas,” “gun-toting grannies” and other tropes from Black holiday films with the tagline, “Finally white audiences can have a Black holiday movie all their own.”

In this movie white people are getting their houses foreclosed on, sing gospel songs off key and serenade their women with lip-syncs of The Backstreet Boys instead of New Edition. Attempting to head off a storm of criticism they even have Jay Pharoah lamenting, “are we going to get in trouble for this?”

Nope. I don’t think anyone who would get angry at this has given up on  ”SNL” anyway. Carry on.

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