Malcolm Lee Talks Success of ‘Best Man Holiday’ and A Possible Sequel

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    While Hollywood continues to scratch their heads about the opening weekend success  of “The Best Man Holiday,” director Malcolm D. Lee is taking it in stride. After all, it took him 15 years to get a sequel made after his first film “The Best Man” became a hit in 1999.

    “I knew that I didn’t want to do a sequel right away. Sequels are difficult and sequels aren’t always successful,” Lee told the Tom Joyner Morning Show. “I didn’t want to repeat myself as a storyteller or be pigeonholed as a director so I if I was going to revisit these characters, it would be ten years later. It just so happened to be a little bit longer as time goes on and other projects come up and Hollywood decides Black movies don’t make any money. There were some slow times.”

    Reviewers have praised “The Best Man Holiday” for allowing the natural growth of its characters something that Lee says the studio was apprehensive about at first. With people already invested in the characters played by Taye Diggs, Monica Calhoun, Nia Long, Sanaa Lathan, Melissa de Sousa, Terrence Howard, Regina Hall, Morris Chestnut and Harold Perrineau, they were concerned that the sequel might leave the audience behind. Fortunately, Lee retained his vision and the movie that was released is the one he wanted to make.

    “The studio was a little reluctant to do this version of the movie because it was such a departure from the first one. But the characters needed to grow and we needed to do some things that were a little more sophisticated and complex.” There is already talk of a “Best Man 3” which Lee says the studio was willing to consider even before the release of “Best Man Holiday.”

    Although the $30 million opening weekend indicates a hit, Lee says the crossover audience hasn’t quite found the movie yet. USA Today caught the Black Twitter backlash  after referring to the film as “race-themed” which unlike “12 Years a Slave” it is not. It’s about what happens when people grow up; something that any audience can relate to. Viewers laughed and cried as the movie dealt with themes of love, loss, heartbreak, family and finances.

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    10 thoughts on “Malcolm Lee Talks Success of ‘Best Man Holiday’ and A Possible Sequel

    1. Missed the whole point of “Faith” in God’s ability. Who said the baby was breech by the time he delivered it. Lance had a “Faith” conversation with Harper prior to that scene. Hello folks, get your heads out of the movie and put your hearts & spirits in. The message was greater than what was seen on the screen.

    2. I love the fact that they show how Black People can live a productive life without selling drugs. We can have a good time with family and friends with a little of drama. They have been making movies and sitcoms for years about white friends and family. We can live a decent life to.

    3. Love love loved it lance can deliver my baby any where he want to!!will c bestman 1,2,3,4,5 &6! Kudos to the cast and director seen it @ a dine in theatre fabulous experience.

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    5. This film was inspiring – filled with laughter, drama, love, tears, true friendships, and the love and trust of God. What an awesome way to showcase what some black people actually have and can do vs the media’s conception of how we live. Yes, a Best Man III sounds good but let’s not wait too long

    6. I hope this movie continues to do well at the box office. If there is a third part, please think out the script, it is very umportant to us! Lance is not a doctor (is he?), he can’t deliver a breech baby of a first time mother in a car!

      • come on – give them a break – - but yes, you can deliver a breech baby to a first time mom in a car – but the film was only 2 hours long

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