NYC Firefighter Luke Schreiner Charged in Hate Crime Against Black Mailman

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  • The New York Daily News is reporting that Luke Schreiner, a white firefighter, attacked a black mailman during a fit of road rage.

    49-year-old Schreiner reportedly said “You want to get smacked today?” to the victim before adding “You are a f—–g n—-r” and slapping him in the face.

    The 17-year FDNY veteran has been suspended after being charged with criminal mischief, menacing, and attempted assault.

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    7 thoughts on “NYC Firefighter Luke Schreiner Charged in Hate Crime Against Black Mailman

    1. I wish one of them peckers would run up on me like that…; black folks treat them like we treat each other and this shit would be over REAL quick!

    2. White folks need to get over themselves and realize that they are no better than anyone else!!!!
      Being called the “n” word by one of them is an insult and they know that when they use the word.

      Time for Black folks to stop wasting our bullets on one another and start using them on crackers like that!!!!

      • Linda, please clarify your comment. Are you suggesting that you intend to murder a white person for reason none other than their skin color?

      • BTW, the term “cracker” refers to a slave owner, so you are actually putting yourself down when you use it.

        -Holla at the Scholar

    3. Black people don’t HAVE to play the race card, white people do a good job of it themselves!! I just wish white people would admit and come to grips with the fact that racism is alive and well. If this situation is true, this is TERRIBLE!!!

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