VIDEO: In Traffic Stop Chaos, NM Officer Fires at Van

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  • ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A pair of New Mexico state police officers are under investigation and a mother and her 14-year-old son are facing charges after a routine traffic stop turned to chaos with the teen physically confronting one officer and another firing shots at a minivan carrying children.

    Details of the recent stop emerged when KRQE-TV obtained video from the dashboard camera of the police cruiser that pulled the family of six over for speeding near the northern New Mexico tourist town of Taos.

    The footage taken Oct. 28 showed driver Oriana Farrell, 39, disobey the officer’s orders, including driving off after being told to take her keys out of the vehicle.

    The Memphis, Tenn., woman was pulled over again and the situation escalates as she pleads for lenience while refusing the officer’s orders.

    She eventually exits the vehicle, but tries to get back in the van as the officer tries to restrain her.

    The TV station’s edited video shows at least two of her five children get out of the vehicle to confront the officer in her defense.

    Farrell ushered the smaller child back into the van as the 14-year-old struggled with the officer. The teen got back in the vehicle and shut the door after the officer appears to pull out his stun gun.

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    4 thoughts on “VIDEO: In Traffic Stop Chaos, NM Officer Fires at Van

    1. Excessive? The kid who jumped out of the van is lucky his mother isn’t burying him right now. Told to turn off car, she didn’t she fled. Son shows aggressive behavior towards the officer.

    2. This is a case about excessive police force against a mother and her children and cops gone wild. Yes, she should not have driven off. The force was excessive in response to the original stop for simply speeding. Shooting at a vehicle loaded with children is not a reasonable first response.

      In a similar case in Florida a black female college student was assaulted, battered, and arrested for not rolling down her window “all the way” to receive her yellow copy of a traffic ticket for a bad tail light. Her window was smashed out by the cop also.

      Sign this petition if you agree there was, again, excessive force to not hand a ticket to a college student and instead assault her.

      Signing petitions such as this send our message that excessive force by police officers will not be tolerated in our society.

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