TASTELESS: Florida Men Dress As George Zimmerman And Trayvon Martin For Halloween

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  • Halloween is just a few days away and leading up to it, people are having parties and making really dumb, racist decisions about costumes.

    Such is the case with two Florida men who decided to celebrate the event this year by dressing up as George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, complete with blackface and blood-stained hoodie.

    The world found out about it via an image of the two men that was uploaded Friday by woman, Caitlan Cimeno, to her Facebook page. Cimeno, from Martha’s Vineyard, captioned the photo “Happy Halloween from Zimmerman & trayvon.” Yes, that would be Cimeno, flanked in the photo by the two men, according to The Smoking Gun.

    Greg Cimeno, 22, portrayed Zimmerman, complete with a “Neighborhood Watch” t-shirt. Cimeno lives in Cape Coral, Florida, where he appears to work for a carpentry firm.

    William Filene, 25, dressed up as Martin, covering his face in black paint and donning a gray sweatshirt with a single bullet hole surrounded by fake blood. Filene, who also lives in Cape Coral, was arrested in June for felony auto theft. His rap sheet also included collars for loitering/prowling and failing to register an automobile.

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