Dr. Day Week: Dr. Rani Whitfield Answers Your Health Questions

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  • Dr. Rani G. Whitfield, also known as “The Hip Hop Doc” , is a board certified family physician with a Certificate of added qualification (CAQ) in Sports medicine.

    Dr. Whitfield serves on the board of Directors for Susan G Komen and is and advisory board member for the Junior League and I-Care.

    He is also a physician volunteer and medical director for the National Association of Free Clinics Communities are Responding Everywhere (C.A.R.E) which provides free health care to underserved patients across the USA.

    Dr. Whitfield is currently in private practice in his native Baton Rouge, LA.

    Dr. Rani Whitfield answers your Dr. Day health questions below.

    What is the best source of protein for a vegetarian lifestyle?
    Legumes, quinoa, tofu, nuts, seeds, nut butters, seitan and temph to name a few.

    I’m Leon in Baton Rouge. I Just moved here and I was wondering what doctor is affiliated with Dr. Day?

    Dr. Rani Whitfield.

    I’m eating vegetables, taking flax-seed, and drinking plenty of water, but I still have irregular bowel movement. What else can I do?
    Add exercise to your regimen; depending on age you may want to see your gastroenterologist to rule out any obstructive causes. Exercise promotes bowel motility

    How often should you have a colonoscopy?
    This depends on age, risk factors for colon cancer, and current symptoms. See your doctor if you notice a change in bowel habits like constipation, diarrhea or blood in stool; if you are at low risk, most colonoscopies are done for the first time at age 50

    What is an all natural way to cleanse the system?
    A healthy diet that includes fiber and lots of water is the best way to cleanse your colon; avoid otc cleansers as they can be dangerous

    Are there certain foods you shouldn’t eat with a stomach ulcer?

    Alcohol, red meat, foods high in caffeine, carbonated beverages, refined flowers, and spicy foods can aggravate ulcer symptoms but are usually not the cause; see you doctor asap if you suspect stomach ulcers

    How do you prevent esophagus cancer?
    Not all cases can be avoided but you can significantly reduce your risk by not smoking and not drinking alcohol; a healthy diet/weight are also important.

    What would you recommend as a natural product for erectile dysfunction ?
    DHEA, L-arginine, Yohimbine, and ginseng are some products that may some benefit in treating ED.

    What are normal PSA levels?  I’m 44 years old and grandfather.

    A normal PSA is 0-4.0 however it also depends on previous PSA values, family history of prostate cancer, and the size of the prostate- remember Real Men Get It Checked!

    What is a psa?
    PSA stands for Prostate-Specific Antigen and is used to screen men for prostate cancer; it’s value can vary based on the size of the prostate and infection; an elevated PSA does not always mean cancer; a normal psa does not rule out cancer; see your doctor if you are concerned.

    Genetic testing is big. Is it effective? Do you recommend a particular test?
    Several medical problems can be detected via genetic testing including some forms of breast cancer; they are often expensive and counseling prior to do them is highly recommended; see your doctor for specific questions about genetic testing.

    How can I get my man to eat green vegetables?
    Learn how to cook; mix them with other foods and slowly introduce them into his diet; explain to him the benefits of going green; promise him a night out on the town if he cleans his plate!

    To find out if I have Diabetes, could my feet start swelling up?
    Your feet can swell, but this is not the most common symptom of diabetes; excessive urination, thirst, and hunger are common initial symptoms of diabetes.

    How many days a week should I walk and how long?
    I suggest everyday 20-30 minutes a day; walking is cheap, easy, and can be done just about anywhere  How do  you  get your bad cholesterol  down. To improve your bad cholesterol increase fiber in your diet, exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and have your levels checked regularly.

    I am a 54-year-old black male are there certain medications that work better for black males for hypertension than others ?

    It is believed that African-Americans respond better to calcium channel blockers and diuretics; but this may not be the case in everyone; many factors play a role in the management of blood pressure including other medical problems, kidney function, and medication tolerance/side effects.

    Is there a way of replacing testosterone naturally?

    There are many supplements that state they can boost testosterone but in most cases they don’t work; rectal dhea and testosterone replacement are the only ways that truly boost testosterone levels.

    My paternal grandmother and an aunt on my father’s side both died  of brain tumors. Should i get some sort of screening? I’m now 36 and also female. 

    Knowing the type of tumors they had would determine is screening is necessary, however no standardized screening has shown to improve brain tumor outcomes.

    I am a 34-year-old woman and when I am on my monthly. I have bleeding from my rectum is that something I should be worried about because it only happens then?

    Yes.  Bleeding from the rectum is not normal no matter how long or what it is associated with; you need to have this assessed!

    I need good doctor in Kansas City, Mo.?
    The best way to find a good doctor is by word of mouth.  Ask friends/family who they see and what kind of experience/treatment they received; I have never advertised my practice; my patients have all come from referrals from other patients/physicians.

    If you are on blood pressure medicine, can BP get under control where you don’t have to take meds anymore or will you be on them for life?
    This has been debated for years; along with taking meds, losing weight, exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet are all important. I have patients who have done everything they are supposed to but still have poorly controlled blood pressures.  The key is listening to the doctor and having regularly scheduled visits; some people are able to get off of the meds.

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