Detective: Defendant Admitted Shooting NFL Player

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  • MIAMI (AP) — A man on trial in the slaying of Washington Redskins star safety Sean Taylor admitted to breaking into the NFL player’s home, kicking down the bedroom door and shooting Taylor, and drew a detailed diagram of the house, labeling himself as the shooter, a Miami-Dade police detective testified Thursday.

    Defendant Eric Rivera wasn’t handcuffed but came willingly to talk to authorities in Fort Myers in November 2007, the detective said. At first, he told investigators he stayed home all weekend and maybe caught a movie with his girlfriend. As authorities pressed, he said he had a bad memory and that everything was foggy, said lead investigator Juan Segovia.

    When authorities walked another defendant by the room where Rivera was being questioned, Rivera grew noticeably anxious, Segovia said. He refused to make eye contact and kept rubbing his hands together. One of the detectives gave a moving speech, saying Taylor was an American hero who was doing nothing wrong but was at home sleeping with his baby and girlfriend when he was killed, Segovia said.

    That’s when Rivera’s eyes grew teary and he nodded that he had been involved. Rivera and four co-defendants heard Taylor liked to keep a lot of cash around the house, maybe as much as $200,000. They thought Taylor would be with the Redskins at a game at Tampa Bay the night they broke into his house — but instead he was home with a knee injury, the detective said Rivera told him.

    Rivera admitted driving the black SUV, parking in front of Taylor’s home, hopping a concrete wall and breaking in through a back patio door, Segovia said. As they searched the home for money, they heard a noise, got spooked and ran back to the car. When they re-entered, Rivera said he kicked in Taylor’s bedroom door, Segovia testified.

    “He says he saw Sean Taylor running out bedroom, something in his hand. At this point, he lifted up his firearm and shot,” Segovia said.

    Jackie Garcia, Taylor’s girlfriend and the mother of his daughter, who was also inside the bedroom, became noticeably upset as the detective recounted details of the slaying and rested her head on her knees in court. She sat near several members of Taylor’s family, including his father, Florida City Police Chief Pedro Taylor, in the packed Miami-Dade County courtroom.

    Taylor was shot in the upper thigh, which severed his femoral artery. The Miami University star had a machete in his hand, and Garcia and their infant daughter were also in the bedroom, though they were not hurt. Taylor died the next day from massive blood loss. The 24-year-old was a Pro Bowl safety for the Redskins who had previously been a popular, locally grown star at the University of Miami.

    “He knew he hit him in the area of the leg. He said the victim fell very rapidly and very hard,” Segovia said.

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    5 thoughts on “Detective: Defendant Admitted Shooting NFL Player

    1. How me can make such noise about a law abiding citizen like Zimmerman and completely ignore this heinous crime is embarrassing. Embarrassing to be black.

      • The difference is Rivera was arrested. Zimmerman was not until a public outcry. Zimmerman was following an unarmed angry teenager throughout the common area of the townhouse complex. No evidence Martin was doing anything. Most blacks don’t believe Zimmerman lies of why he followed Martin. Plus Zimmerman has proven he is crazy since the trial. C’mon son.

        • The trial also proved that Martin was the aggressor. I know that’s an inconvenient fact that doen’t support your position, but nonetheless a FACT.

        • Nestor, you said it yourself, Martin was and angry teenager, most likely high on weed as well. Even Rachael Jeantel admits he probably threw the first punch. Come correct brother.

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