Calif. Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old

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  • SANTA ROSA, Calif. (AP) — Northern California sheriff’s deputies shot and killed a 13-year-old boy who was carrying a replica assault rifle after repeatedly telling him to drop it, sheriff’s officials and family members said.

    Two Sonoma County deputies on patrol saw the boy walking with what appeared to be a rifle around 3 p.m. Tuesday in Santa Rosa, Sheriff’s Lt. Dennis O’Leary said. The replica gun resembled an AK-47 with a black magazine cartridge and brown butt, according to a photograph released by the sheriff’s office.

    Rodrigo Lopez identified the victim as his son, Andy, to a newspaper and said the boy was carrying a toy gun that belonged to a friend. Deputies would only learn after the shooting that it was a replica, according to O’Leary.

    After spotting the boy, the deputies called for backup and repeatedly ordered him to drop the weapon, O’Leary said in a news release. They fired several rounds from their handguns immediately afterward, according to O’Leary.

    A neighbor in the area, Brian Zastrow, told the Santa Rosa Press Democrat ( he heard seven shots.

    “First I heard a single siren and within seconds I heard seven shots go off, sounded like a nail gun, is what I thought it was,” he said.

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    3 thoughts on “Calif. Sheriff’s Deputies Shoot, Kill 13-Year-Old

    1. Stupid ass beaner. No loss here, another legal I’m sure. Blame your parents. They shoulda stayed in their own country.

    2. Sad. What parent today doesn’t know not to let their child carry around realistic looking firearms? Especially in an area where there was a recent murder by another teen. Mama wants to know why he was killed? Tough lesson. RIP little man.

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