How To Be Natural On A Budget

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  • You might think being natural will cost you more money. Wrong! Here’s how you can be natural on a budget and possibly save more money than before.

    Do Your Own Hair

    I’ve found it’s best to do your own hair when you are natural. A trip to the hair salon can cost you on average about $50 a visit, depending on what you are getting done. Doing your own hair cost, well, nothing. You can do the math on how much you could be saving. Plus, no one is going to care for your hair the way you would your own. Hairdressers are trying to get you in, out, and on to the next client.

    Don’t Be A Product Junkie

    If you do your own hair you will need to buy products, but you can only use but so many at a time. Don’t just buy something because it’s new or someone recommended it. You and your pockets will soon find out that’s a big mistake. Having 50 hair products in your house is absolutely unnecessary. Find a few products you like and that work well for you. Try to finish what you have before buying something else.

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