Judicial Tenure Committee: Suspend Freak Judge Wade McCree

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The good judge is a member of a prominent Detroit family. His late father, Wade McCree Jr., was a federal judge who argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court as solicitor general under President Jimmy Carter. Last year, McCree made headlines when it was discovered he sent a semi-nude photo of himself to a married female court bailiff.  When news broke about the cellphone photo, the alleged serial sexter told a reporter, “There’s no shame to my game.”

McCree’s affair was so torrid that there is evidence he even sent Mott text messages from the bench, according to the ruling which goes on to state, “During his relationship with Mott, Respondent used his chambers to engage in sexual intercourse with Mott, permitted Mott to enter the courthouse through an employee entrance without going through security, allowed Mott to remain alone in his chambers while he was on the bench, arranged for Mott to park her vehicle in an area reserved for judges, and brought Mott’s cell phone into the courthouse for her, in violation of the court’s security policy, so that she could communicate with him while he was on the bench.”

Besides the proposed suspension, the commission is also requesting that McCree pay $11,945 in court costs.

If approved, the suspension would take effect Jan. 1, 2015, if McCree is re-elected in Nov. 2014

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