Kayla Henriques Sentenced To 15 Years For Facebook Murder

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A weary-looking Henriques, her hair unkempt and her hands cuffed, barked at reporters outside the 75th Precinct stationhouse when asked if she felt bad about the slaying.

“No, ’cause it was a mistake,” she snapped. “I was protecting my kids.”

“They had been beefing for about three days,” said Barbie, a neighbor in the Cypress Hills Houses.

The once-friendly pair traded Facebook insults over the weekend, with one of Kayla Henriques’ uncles saying the hard feelings were further fueled by ugly text messages.

“B—h man up … I’m here make a move,” read one Facebook post from Henriques, known in the neighborhood as “KK.”

“Kamisha, I miss you,” wrote Ramel Henriques, 25, on his Facebook page. “I need you baby.”

Richards was a graduate of of John Jay School of Criminal Justice and was planning to attend law school in the fall of 2011, instead she died at Brookdale University Hospital.

Henriques’ last Facebook post remains:

Kayla Henriques facebook

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2 thoughts on “Kayla Henriques Sentenced To 15 Years For Facebook Murder

  1. So !!! So sad what we will kill for $ 20.00 she spending 15 years in prison and that’s about $1.32 a year. A best friend over nothing Lord help this lady. My prayers go out to the family, and since i’m only reading what happen it had to be deeper than $20.00 .

  2. In about 2 or 3 years while shes’s sitting in prison it’s gonna finally register to this young lady how petty and stupid her actions were and she’s gonna emotionally pay the price for killing her best friend.

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