Student Sues College After “Lusty” Essay Deemed Inappropriate

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4 thoughts on “Student Sues College After “Lusty” Essay Deemed Inappropriate

  1. upto I looked at the check saying $4504, I accept that my best friend was like actually taking home money part-time at their computer.. there uncle had bean doing this for only 23 months and by now cleared the loans on there home and purchased themselves a Buick. I went here, ……..

  2. The essay was not to intimidate, that was based on their own perversions. Secondly, if anything, it was a form of flattery. In the case of the sentencing and the school, we have a major problem. college encourages free thinking and creativity but stifles it if it becomes too real or “close to home.”, and you have individuals who don’t understand the law enforcing and presiding over it.

    • The first amendment protects anyone as long as the statement has no negative ramification to someones health or well being. In other words, your statement does not lead to criminal behavior.

  3. The right to free speech doesn’t entitle us to intimidate other individuals in this targeted type of way. This sort of behavior has long been understood in the law as a form of assault.

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