Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘We’re Not Having a Fit, We’re Having a Movement’

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TOM JOYNER:  And who is going to represent Trayvon’s family?  Ben Crump?

REV. AL SHARPTON :  Ben Crump.  And not the prosecutor, Ben Crump would be the one that would interrogate George Zimmerman.  So it’s not over.  And we are going to make sure it’s not over.  That’s why we’re calling on people to go to the and organize in your city.  I don’t care if it’s 20 people.  We want to show the nation that over 100 cities a week later is still demanding justice.  We’re not having a fit, we’re having a movement.

TOM JOYNER:  You know, I think a lot of people have forgotten that the reason that there was a trial, as you just mentioned is because we demonstrated.

REV. AL SHARPTON :  That’s right.

TOM JOYNER:  Yeah, because this would’ve never gone to trial.

SYBIL WILKES:  They weren’t going to charge him.

TOM JOYNER:  They weren’t going to charge him.

SYBIL WILKES:  They sent him home.

TOM JOYNER:  If not for Reverend Al, us, others saying hey, there needs to be a trial, this is wrong.  And remember, they fired the sheriff?

REV. AL SHARPTON :  The local police chief.  He announced that there was not going to be a trial.

SW:  Right.

REV. AL SHARPTON :  When I first came on the airwaves and you said, let’s go with  Reverend Al, we came because they had closed the case.

TOM JOYNER:  Had closed it.

REV. AL SHARPTON :  We got the case reopened.  It was a special prosecutor, Corey, that brought this case.  So people are talking about; well, I don’t know what this is going to do.  What we watched the last  several weeks was not the system correcting itself, it was the people correcting the system.  Now we’ve got to finish the job.

TOM JOYNER:  My blog today compares the Trayvon story to the Emmett Till story.  That Trayvon’s story is the Emmett Till of this generation.

SW:  Yeah.

REV. AL SHARPTON :  In many ways it is an appropriate blog that you wrote, because the reaction is you’re talking about two people that were killed.  And the people that killed them we have to fight to bring to Justice.  And the Till family had to fight many years.  It’s ironic in July is where we celebrate Emmett Till and where we have this verdict on Trayvon Martin.

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13 thoughts on “Rev. Al Sharpton: ‘We’re Not Having a Fit, We’re Having a Movement’

  1. Folks, right wing conservatives are responding horribly. Their rhetoric today is as if they are trying to incite a race war. Don’t play to it. Folks, it is time now like never before to let our voices be heard.

  2. I stand by my analysis of the evidence. This was not a self defense case. Zimmerman’s so-called injuries were insignificant and did not warrant the use of deadly force. If he did not have ill-will or a depraved mind he would not have profiled and followed an innocent person first in his vehicle and then on foot with a loaded gun, and then used unnecessary deadly force in shooting him in the heart. It’s that simple, he should have been found guilty.

    • The way Zimmerman reenacted the murder, there is so much that is physically impossible. If Trayvon was straddled him no way they could have gotten from the area where he was punched in the nose to where Trayvon’s body was found. Physically impossible to pin Trayvon’s hand to Zim’s side with Zim’s elbow as he described. Elbow is not that strong.

    • I’m betting the jury had more evidence at their disposal and analyzed it much more thoroughly than you did. If you were in GZ’s place, you might have found more compassion as your head was being smashed on the concrete. Nice bit of armchair quarterbacking, though!

  3. TD, you are correct, based on the facts presented in the court of law, a full acquittal of George Zimmerman was the correct outcome. Anyone who states different is ignoring the facts because they don’t support their opinion.


  4. There has been endless commentary over what the prosection did or did not do in this case. Was this a perfect case. Of course not, there is no such thing. The only perfect game is in baeball. Did they make some errors, yes, but so did the defense. However, a lot of people, including all of those professional pundits who get paid big $$$ to talk about this. Those six women went into that room with a predetermned notion of letting him get away with murder. Racism is not limited to the male species, dont kid yourself. These lawyers, judges, pundits, and talk show commentators seemed to think women jurors would have been more sensitive. Give me a break! You can analyze and over analyze some scenario where you believe this verdict could have gone another way. Maybe that helps you cope. But if you ever see the great documentary ” eyes on the prize” you see the mothers, wives and girlfriends of these racist men, beating the life out of those trying to cross the Edmind Pettis bridge, and check out what they are doing. They are cheering them on. the only thing missing are Pom Poms.

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