Jury in Zimmerman Case May Consider Other Charges

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  • SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A judge said Thursday that jurors in the George Zimmerman case can consider the lesser charge of manslaughter, but she delayed ruling on whether they may also consider third-degree murder after defense attorneys called the proposal “outrageous.”

    Prosecutor Richard Mantei argued that instructions for third-degree murder should be included on the premise that Zimmerman committed child abuse when he fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin because Martin was underage.

    But defense attorney Don West called the proposed instruction “a trick,” and he accused the prosecutor of springing it on the defense at the last minute.

    “Just when I didn’t think this case could get any more bizarre, the state is alleging child abuse?” West said. “This is outrageous. It’s outrageous the state would seek to do this at this time.”

    Judge Debra Nelson says she will rule on the proposal later. The judge, however, agreed with the prosecution that jurors could consider manslaughter as a lesser charge.

    West said he wanted the six jurors to only consider the second-degree murder charge or not guilty.

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    3 thoughts on “Jury in Zimmerman Case May Consider Other Charges

    1. The DA was adamant about charging 2nd deg murder in this case then he added manslaughter
      which was more appropriate, now he has a high profile case with a very shaky prosecution so he wants to bargain basement shop any charge that will at least get him a conviction…may work may not

    2. This is a game changer! The defense team has to be really upset about this decision. With the new standard (lesser charges of manslaughter) for guilt/innocents, GZ will definitely go to jail…

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