Musician Shannon Sanders Using the Power of Words and Music

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Shannon credits the great Quincy Jones for being the pioneer for black producers and Dr.Dre for his sounds.  He admits admiration for The Black Keys for their tones, and the late J Dilla  for his sense of timing and drum programming.  Shannon says that one of the greatest misconceptions about producers is what their job specifically entails.

“If you are producing a project, you wear a lot of hats,” says Shannon. “It’s not like just programming a song. It is our job to get the musicians, singers, engineers and even book the studio. And with the budgets of projects being a lot cheaper than they used to be, you have to be willing to be a one-stop shop in a lot of ways. I am a singer. I play the trumpet and keys. There have definitely been projects where it was pretty much just me and the artist who basically did an entire song. It speaks to shift of the industry but also to the fact that there are still artists who can pull that off.”

This is basically how Shannon’s music resume came to be. Although all of the artists are vastly different, whether it’s Robert Randolph who’s considered to be a legend in his time or Laura Reed, the South African-born singer who’s currently capturing the eyes, ears and hearts of many, they all have a talent, a spark, a musical skill that is undeniable. So does Shannon. It’s the combination that’s kept him in the game.

“A good producer is going to simply take a slice of who you are and make it more commercial”, says Shannon. “I believe people come to me because I have an ability to see what is uniquely wonderful about them and then make it sellable. It’s basically capturing as much of your personality as I can in three minutes and then sharing it with the masses.”

The more time we spend with Shannon, we get it: the two Grammys, the two Emmys and the one Dove Award.  We’re sure that there are more accolades to come as it relates to what he sings and produces. Shannon Sanders’ latest production credits are featured on Robert Randolph’s new LP Lickety Split slated for July 16, 2013 release. For more on Shannon visit

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