Grandmother of Aiyana Stanley-Jones Says She Watched Officer Shoot Girl

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“They knew there were children in there. So why would they come in there like that? They came to kill, and they killed a 7-year-old.”

Larry Davis, the officer who tossed the stun grenade, said it is used during raids to create a diversion. Davis also testified the team was unaware children were inside.

When asked by prosecutors if knowing children were in the house would have forced police to change raid tactics, Davis responded: “Probably not.”

Weekley, who carried a shield and MP5 submachine gun, was the assigned point man — or first man into the house as the grenade went off.

Davis testified Weekley told him after the shooting that someone grabbed his weapon.

“I told him things would be OK. That’s about it,” Davis said.

The special response team and homicide investigators were searching for Chauncey Owens, who was a suspect in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Je’rean Blake two days earlier outside a neighborhood convenience store.

Mertilla Jones testified that Owens lived in the upper unit with her daughter, LaKrystal Sanders. Police found Owens in the upstairs flat and he was arrested.

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